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How to come to Sunset Surf Camp

Route Touristique - Sèze - 97118 Saint François
05 90 21 51 10 / 06 90 41 66 69

Plan de Saint François


Link to Géoportail site (IGN map and aerial view of Saint François) : "geoportail"

Destination Guadeloupe by air

Guadeloupe is served from France by three airlines companies Air France, Corsair.fly, and Air Caraïbes.

Air Canada offers regulars flies between Montreal and Pointe à Pitre.

These airlines companies but also Air Antilles Express, American Eagle, Liat, Tropic, ... offer more than 200 destinations to Europe (Paris, Nantes, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, ...), Antilles (Antigua, Cuba, Saint-Martin, Haïti, République Dominicaine, Saint-Barthélemy, Porto Rico, Martinique, Dominique, Costa Rica,...), Central and South America (Cayenne, Belém, Margarita, Panama,... ) or USA (Miami, New-York). Please look at the site Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes

What to do at the arrival at the airport

At airport of Pointe à Pitre we will wait for you at the luggage exit with a logo which that will identify us, we will drive you directly to Surfing Camp.

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