Surfing in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is in the top of the east Caribbean’s most consistent surf destinations. The regular trade wind swells are consistent almost year round, providing great beginners waves on the East and the South coast, it also receives N swell produced by cold fronts moving off the US East Coast in winter.

Surfing in Guadeloupe is a great experience year round, the only period with weaker waves is May and June.

The water is always really warm (between 25C and 28C – don’t bring your wetsuit!) and the shape of the island gives us a lot of waves size and wind orientation options.

Most breaks are pretty mellow, no strong currents or any hazard.

There is always a wave somewhere.

That said, we also have some world class waves when the north ground swells are descending from the northern Atlantic to hit Guadeloupe. L’Anse Salabouelle, le Moule are good with East to North swells, and the Queen of the Island, Port-Louis right and left start to lighten up with any long period North to West swell.



After more than 20 years surfing in Guadeloupe, Peyo always knows where the best waves are, he will drive you to the good spots and share his knowledge of breaks with you.

Please be aware that you have to be an intermediate surfer at least to enjoy the full surf Taxi experience.


Take surfing lessons with No-Comply Surf School on the nearby spot of  the south coast. All the instructors are state certified professionals.


Courses (transport and all equipement included)

1 course 45 €

3 courses 125€

5 courses 200€

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